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The Best Pet Blogs 2021 

Looking for the top pet blogs of 2021 or some pet blog ideas? We bring you the list of best pet blogs that provide creative and helpful content.

Pets are fun to be around, right? Having pets not only improves the frame of mind but also acts as an antidote for loneliness. A good company to socialize with, the unconditional love that pets shower upon us is a huge reason behind stress reduction. If you’re among those who adore animals, let us convince you to choose one of your favorite websites from the list of 10 best pet websites and blogs:

1 . Wag the Dog

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

Maggie is an eight-year-old Beagle who will take you–virtually–on her many travels. She has gone by plane, train, automobile, and boat. She loves to share her experiences across the U.S., Asia, and Europe. You can certainly live vicariously through Maggie.

2. Katzenworld

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

Katzenworld, which describes itself as the world of cats, is a blog related to all things feline that was started and is run by a group of cat-obsessed friends. The blog mixes cute pictures of the owners’ cats and amusing anecdotes with more practical advice about having cats as pets, such as how to protect them from consuming toxins and how to ensure they receive the best medical care.

3.  Puppy Leaks 

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

Puppy leaks make all things simple. It teaches dog owners how to live a better life with their dogs. Their blogs show emphasis on how to keep your pet busy indoors and advice on resource guarding.

4.  Canidae 

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

Canindae have passionate founders who enjoy sharing anything pet-related. They specialize in educating dog owners on proper pet nutrition, including training and exercise, vet care, and many more.

5.  Marshall’s Pet Zone 

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

A website dedicated to dog product exploration, it covers an impressively massive range of useful pet supplies online.

Pet lovers who want to spoil their pups, this is where you can find unique dog chews, tasty treats, and cute accessories. Marshall’s Pet Zone also has grooming articles, tips and tricks, and pet advice as well.

6.  Puppy In Training 

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

Targeted for first-time pet owners, you’ll find helpful topics like Puppy Training & Raising, and Rescue Dog. Puppy in Training’s mission to guide beginners with their training sessions by giving off tips and tricks to make things easier for them.

7.  Little Dog Tips 

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

As the name suggests, it’s a website made for…little dogs. Their blogs are geared for Chihuahua, and other smaller breeds of dogs. It gives you specialized training materials on potty training, tricks, and games.

8.   Dakota’s Den

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

Dakota’s Den focuses on adorable dogs and features comprehensive book reviews and product reviews. The blog also has a variety of pleasing images that allow user comments for a more interactive feel. The articles range from funny to heartwarming and even a few sad pieces.

9.  It’s Dog or Nothing

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

For those who want “to live life to the fullest with your furry companion by your side”, the blog Dog or Nothing brings reviews and giveaways of pet items while also providing tips to help owners make the world more dog-friendly. Kelsie McKenzie, the writer, owns two large dogs but strives to make her posts accessible to owners of dogs of all sizes.

10.  The Dogvine

The Best Pet Blogs 2021 ncartz

You may have heard it on the Dogvine, but this blog from Teresa Keohane is a good place to start digging if you need all the info London dogs need to know. This ‘Timeout for London Dogs’ – or rather, at the moment, the ‘Time in for London Dogs’ – is tried and tested for London-local dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and other activities to get out and about with your pooch.



If you think you know better blogs that should be included in this list, mention them below. Do you find this article helpful? Kindly let us know. Comment below your suggestions.

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